Inspiring women in the e-commerce world


It's not easy for some of the world's most famous and successful businesswomen to go into the business of coping with personal tragedies and catastrophes, as well as addressing sexism, which is a recurring issue in their life.


Let's take a look at a list of the Arab world's most remarkable women and entrepreneurs.


Mona Ataya


Mona Ataya is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the world. Forbes magazine named her one of the most powerful women in the Middle East in 2018.


Mona Ataya is a Palestinian entrepreneur who began her career at an early age and has worked for some of the world's most well-known firms and brands.


She wanted to grow as a person, so she studied business science and entrepreneurship at an American institution, then e-marketing at a university in the United Kingdom, and continued to study until she earned a master's degree.

Apart from that, Mona Ataya, together with her companion Lina, is the founder and CEO of Mumzworld.


When Ms. Mona Ataya became a mother, she experienced several difficulties and hardships. She wants to learn more about parenthood by reading and researching, but there are no Arabic resources available.

This is in addition to the difficulties of purchasing infant care and care supplies such as diapers, clothing, medical and cosmetic preparations, bedrooms, toys, and a variety of other items, which is why Mumzworld was founded.


Mona Ataya was eager to put everything she was looking for in Mumzworld and to work on this project as if it were the ideal answer and an integrated present for every new Arab mother, assisting her and assisting her on her new adventure.

Mumzworld includes about 250 thousand unique and diverse items organised into several categories related to the life of children of all ages.


Mona Ataya's Mumzworld store aims to deliver the most dependable shopping experience for every Arab mother in the Arab world, and she and her companion Lina have included a solution to each difficulty experienced by any mother, particularly new young moms, in the project's design.


The Mumzworld brand's success is due to a combination of factors.

· Identifying client issues and difficulties and delivering solutions in goods

· Focusing on product quality as if you were going to use it yourself

· Introducing new items capable of creating new demands and possibilities for your customers

· Studying is necessary, but it is not sufficient. To succeed in the end, you must train, work, and make many mistakes.

· Be close to your clients to understand their wants and be able to satisfy them.


 Huda Kattan


    Nationality: Iraqi

Field of work: Cosmetics

Brand: Huda Beauty


The beauty expert "Huda Al-Qattan" and the inventor of the Huda Beauty brand, which provides different and distinctive cosmetics that are chosen by a large percentage of girls and women all over the world, is one of the most renowned and wealthiest women in the Arab world today.

Huda Kattan is an Iraqi woman who enjoys using cosmetics and make-up.



Huda had the chance to study cosmetics and make-up skills at the University of Michigan in America when the family relocated to the United States.


Huda Kattan began her career by working with a number of celebrities throughout the world, including "Eva Longoria," and then went on to work as an artist for Revlon, a cosmetics company, until she decided to launch her own line.

The next step was to build a blog for Hoda, which would allow her to write articles about the art of beauty and cosmetics and skin care secrets for every girl and woman.

Huda's blog was a big success and reached a large part of her audience all over the world until 2013, when she launched her first product line for her Huda Beauty company, which produces cosmetics. 


"Kim Kardashian" is the first and most well-known of her famous customers, which was the key to her quick rise to fame, as it provided her with other fantastic chances among a wide group of Kim Kardashian admirers.

Huda Beauty began with the production of false eyelashes before expanding to include lipstick, eyeliner, false nails, eye concealer, and blush. Huda went from applying makeup for her younger sister to working in a beauty company and starting a small blog, to finally launching a brand that is now one of the most powerful cosmetics brands in the Middle East, "Huda Beauty."


Huda Beauty's products are available on a variety of sites, including its own online shop, social networking platforms, and significant online retailers such as Mayaza and Sephora.


Huda Beauty's success secret

· Insisting on achieving the goal and not getting frustrated by challenges.

· Face challenges with courage.

· Studying and learning is the main motive for success.

· Thinking about what the customer needs and always looking for and trying to provide it to him.

· Attention to design a professional online store in order to provide an easy shopping experience for your customers and ensure their loyalty to you.

· Hearing customers' opinions to know what they are looking for in your brand and try to provide it to them.

· Passion for science, study and hard work must be fostered.

· The courage to make decisions with strength and decisiveness.

· Not to rush fame and success, and to hurry to spend effort and time for the success of the project.

· Always look for what distinguishes you from your competition and work to maintain and develop it.


Women between the ages of 40 and 59 make up the majority of female entrepreneurs in the world









Azza Fahmy


 Nationality: Egyptian

 Field of work: Jewelery and jewelry industry

 Brand Azza Fahmy Jewelry


Azza Fahmy was a simple university girl who followed her daily routine in a consistent manner until she graduated and began working as a government employee; however, as time passes, she realises that there is another passion and work that she is drawn to, and that work is designing and making jewellery and jewellery.


Azza Fahmy was certain that this is what she was seeking for after reading a book on the jewellery business in all of its forms and categories, and she wants to spend her time effectively implementing and creating it.


Azza Fahmy began her career in Khan El Khalili among the jewellery industry's titans, who encouraged her and taught her a lot while she worked for them until it was time to launch her own company, Azza Fahmy Jewelry.

Azza Fahmy opened her first store in 1981 and has been honing her talent while studying business to open a chain of stores known as "Azza Fahmy," which began in various locations throughout Egypt's Arab governorate before expanding to Arab countries such as Jordan and Amman, until she arrived in the United Kingdom to begin transforming the brand from a local or Arab brand to a global brand with clients and customers from all over the world.


The secret of Azza Fahmy's success is that she always seeks to understand her audience and the latest interests and requirements they are going through in order to present them with what they are actually looking for. 



This is something she is keen to mention in all her media interviews, as she always seeks to understand her audience and the latest interests and requirements they are going through in order to present them with what they are actually looking for.


The key to Azza Fahmy Jewelry's success

· Reading, educating and learning all that is new in the field of jewelry and business.

· Benefit from the endless skills and energy of youth.

· Listening to your customers' needs and opinions.

· What suits one customer, does not suit another, so you must understand all your customers and meet all their different needs.

· Continuous improvement and development of your products to suit the developments around you.

· Study and try to develop skills permanently and not be satisfied with the passion for work only.


Laila Sedky

Nationality: Egyptian

Field of work: bakery industry “Capcakes”

Brand Nola Cupcakes


Laila Sedky is an Egyptian girl with a lot of ambition and bravery. Laila has worked and assumed responsibilities since she was a child, and she has always aspired to operate her own company.


She was thinking about how to start her own project after studying business and business administration, and it would be unique and different from anything else she had done previously.


She decided to start this very special project in Egypt after eating Cupcakes in one of the famous stores specialising in making this type of sweets while travelling in a European country, especially given the lack of any previous brand that dealt with the sale of Cupcakes products.



The Beginning of Nola Cupcakes

Laila Sedky began opening the first NOLA branch in Zamalek in 2010 until the revolution, when her project came to a halt after her relatives and friends became her primary customers. However, with the passage of time and the improvement of the country's conditions, as well as her use of the Facebook platform as a primary marketing platform to promote Nola's products, Laila was successful in promoting her project and completing the journey to reach her goal.


Laila Sedky's major objective, besides from offering a superb product in terms of quality and aesthetic, was to provide a unique and memorable experience for the consumer. As a consequence of her culture, her education abroad, and her exposure to Western society, they like trying new meals and sweets, and even the most basic meal.


Laila Sedky gives a basic piece of advice to every girl and woman who dreams of starting her own project in all of her media interviews, and that advice is to look for opportunity. According to Laila, opportunity always exists, but it is waiting for someone to find it, so look for it, seize it, and get started on your own project right away.

In addition, Laila adds another business tip to her advice: look for what sets your product or service apart from the competition. She emphasises the importance of standing out and leaving a lasting impact on your brand and the services you provide to your clients.


That is why Nola is constantly striving to enhance her business and the items she sells, as we have discovered that she offers a wide range of unique products in addition to the Cupcakes for which she is famous, and we are still expecting a lot from her.


The key to the Nola Cupcakes brand's success

· Continuity of pursuit, no matter what challenges she faced. Despite the challenges that Nola faced during the January revolution, she was able to overcome them and achieve more successes afterwards.

· Learn and seek to increase the knowledge needed for the success of your project.

· Trying to stand out from your competitors.

· Provide what the customer is looking for, know the opinions and needs of your customers and provide them with your products.

· Attention to building an interactive relationship with the customer is greater than the relationship of buying and selling only.

· Having your own unique style that no one can compete with.

· Appreciating the team and that it is part of the success of your brand.


Razan Alazzouni

Nationality: Saudi

Field of work: Fashion and fashion

Brand Razan Alazzouni


Razan Al-Azouni is a Saudi businesswoman and one of the most well-known and talented fashion designers in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and the entire globe. She is known for creating exquisite modern items that appeal to a wide range of preferences.

Razan has not only excelled in creating the garments she sells, but she is also a highly accomplished businesswoman who started and established her own company without the assistance of anybody.


Razan studied fine arts and was interested in various arts, especially fashion. From a young age, she began working in sculpture and paper design until she headed to start establishing her own production line for designing and embroidering clothes.

Razan returned to her home country, Saudi Arabia, and began creating the first steps of her own business and establishing her brand of the same name, Razan Alazzouni Razan Al-Azouni.



Razan encountered numerous obstacles and hurdles at the start of her career, but tenacity was the key to her success and the driving force behind her overcoming them all, and this is the lesson Wazan Al-Azzouni conveys to her in every meeting or chat.

She encourages Arab and Saudi women in particular to be persistent and determined in overcoming whatever obstacles they may face.

Razan Al-Azzouni developed her own fashion and fashion product line, "Razan Alazzouni," in 2008, and began participating in various shows across the world.

Otherwise, it promotes and markets its premium items through its own online store and numerous social media profiles.

Razan's fashion designs are distinctive and distinct from those of her regional rivals, and this is the major impression you receive at each event you attend.




Today, a great number of artists and socialites come to Razan Al-outfits Azzouni's in order to be recognised.


The secret of the Razan Alazzouni brand's success

· Freedom from the constraints of society, as strong and successful women can achieve various successes in all fields

· Striving, insisting, and not giving in to any external frustration

· Take advantage of the failure to reconcile and try to study the situation to avoid mistakes later

· It does not matter the quick success, the important thing is the permanent success

· Do not rush to fame and the world

· Interest in marketing through social media platforms and reaching different customer segments


In our Arab world, there are many successful and prominent pioneering women who have overcome adversity and achieved their goals.


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