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Do you want your site to top the search engine results? Have you wondered what backlinks are and what they are useful for SEO? I will tell you.

Backlink is one of the most important elements of page optimization for external search engines, Off-Page SEO, and it is the complement to the parts of the search engine optimization (SEO) process in which you can improve the results of your site in different search engines. Or someone who wants to enter the world of SEO, this article is for you.


What is Backlink SEO?


Backlinks are links that point to your site or one of its pages within another site and direct visitors and search engine spiders to that page. high value.

Backlinks in English are Backlinks, but in Arabic they are backlinks, and they have several names such as Incoming links and Inbound Links, meaning incoming links, and they are also called One way links because they make search engine crawlers move from one site to another site in one direction, which is one of the methods of search engine optimization, which is Optimize pages externally for search engines.

The concept of “backlink” varies according to the way that webmasters or content makers use on the Internet to publish links to their pages or articles, and link them to each other.

This method of publicizing the site or articles is called "Backlink", "external optimization for search engines", or "external SEO".



The importance of backlinks


Backlinks play an important role in improving your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), as part of the power of the page or site from which you got the link goes. , which helps search engines like Google trust your site and the content you provide and thus raise its search ranking.


High quality strong backlink metrics

Are all backlinks appropriate? Surely you heard someone say, “How do I get rid of links?” Here he means that there are some bad backlinks pointing to his site and he wants to get rid of them so as not to harm his site, because they will affect his results in search engines, and will affect you as well if you do not pay attention to the following metrics.

Compatibility of the site and its relevance to your site

Before you think about getting a backlink, first choose the site you want to build on, as the site must be similar to your site in content or services, for example if you own or run a women’s site interested in fashion, do not think about going to the stock exchange services site , or other you should think of fashion magazines and other fashion sites.

Site value to search engines

There is a scale that helps you to know which sites are better, through the Page Authority and the Domain Authority. The more valuable each of them is for a site, the better that site you link your site to.


Visits per page

The more you build a backlink on a page that has a high volume of traffic, the more visits you will get, the click-through rate on your site link with high traffic is a good percentage.


Link location on the page

Positively and negatively the placement of your backlink on the page affects the rate of visits that you will get because of the CTR. Visitors like to learn what is new and move from page to page, so choose well where the link is.

Your link type


Always make your site’s link “Dofollow” to pass on the power of the page, as “Nofollow” links make search engine spiders not follow the link, and therefore you will not enter your site, and will not pass any power to it.

What are the types of external links or backlinks?


The value and quality of the backlinks or external links that turn the audience to your site increases in the case of recommending and recommending famous sites for these links and the transfer of trust (Authority), which is very similar to the recommendation made by a trusted person to people.


External links may negatively affect your site if suggestions are submitted from a site that does not hold the public's trust. To clarify further; You have to know the types of backlinks:


·  The internal backlink:


It is the method used to get a “backlink” by linking the topics and articles of the site to each other during the narration of texts and directing the audience browsing to your site to other pages that carry content related to the first content, which is a good way and will help your site to appear and is preferred by search engines a lot.


·  The external backlink:


There are many types of external backlinks; Because it depends on innovation and many experiences, the most important of which are:

It is by commenting on the posts on the sites, mentioning the name of your site or its link in the comment.

This method is considered one of the most important and best methods of creating a “backlink” and it is through the use of publishing your site link in articles on famous sites, through knowledge, or if your content is creative and professional that makes famous sites take it and link its content to it.


Backlink Types Do Follow or No Follow


There are two basic types of backlinks, one more valuable than the other. Let's take a quick look at each one and how it affects your site.

The first type No Follow


The No Follow tag tells search engines to ignore the link. They do not transfer any value from one location to another. Therefore, they are usually not useful for improving search ranking or visibility but are still important to the reader, as the reader sees the topic and can look forward to more by going to the link.

 The Second Type


Do follow links are the kind of backlinks that everyone wants. Just keep in mind that those who come from reputable sites and are most relevant to your content are the most valuable. This type of backlink can help improve your search engine rankings.



TOXIC / SPAM However, there are do follow links that are considered bad or "toxic". These links come from suspicious websites or are obtained by breaking the search engine terms of service which results in your website dropping in rank instead of getting better. This could cause Google to penalize or even de-index your site. Remember, it's not the quantity of the backlinks, but the quality that makes the difference in ranking.


It is famous for the sites that allow publishing and comments to everyone, such as social networking sites, and many may think that the “No Follow Links” backlink is not important because it makes search engines not give consideration to this link, but it is of great importance for several reasons:


1- The search engines think that the large number of Dovolo links on the page is a kind of fraud, and sometimes when there are many Dovolo links on the page, this is reflected negatively; The use of Novolo suffices the purpose in this case.

2- Nofollow links help bring visitors from social networking sites.

3- A site may be damaged and subject to punishment from search engines. When you use a nofollow link for you, this will not cause the damage to be transferred to your site.

4- Ease of obtaining backlinks of this type.



What is the way backlink to your site securely?

Building backlinks to your site takes time and effort. Here are 7 ways, each of them is a simple and safe backlink method for your site, through which you can start creating high-quality backlinks for your website, and each method of backlinking to your site will not cost you or tire you much.


How to backlink your website through social media

The most important way to backlink your site is to use social media, add links to your site on your social media pages. It is a way to build a backlink for free and without the need to pay money for it.


 Search for an article

Another way to backlink your site for free is to do a Google search for an already well-ranked post and then improve and expand it. This will make your post more interesting and some may pass it on or refer to it on their own.


 Contribute to more unique content

Create list posts, 'how-to' posts, 'why' posts, infographics or posts with embedded videos.

 Use celebrity

Connect with Influencers in your field or a similar field and tell them about an article on your site they might want to refer to.


Important tips for using backlinks:

1- Do not use the programs that spread links that are promoted as being useful to you in the “backlink”.

2- Search engines, especially Google, intentionally reject the excessive exchange of links between sites.

3- Do not try to put your website links in a random way that is not useful to the public, and do not post too much in one day.

5- Take advantage of building your internal links on your site by linking pages in a useful way.




This method helps webmasters to appear in the first search results, and also helps the content creator or editor in his smart marketing activities that he establishes outside his site by using other famous sites.

This method aims to link his site with strong and reliable sources, give his site trust, good reputation and publicity, and facilitate and raise the rate of crawling by search engine spiders, which contribute to the appearance of his article or site in the first results of search engines.


All companies seek to improve their website to lead the highest results in search engines, they apply SEO standards and write creative content from articles and explanations within their website, I hope to raise the website’s ranking and increase free visits through searches, but many companies neglect the importance of link building The external backlink of the website, although it is one of the most important SEO criteria and one of the fastest ways to increase the visibility of the website in search engines.




Why do you need external links to your website?


Getting external links to the website is one of the most important factors that Google and other search engines use to raise the site’s ranking in search engines (SEO), as it is a measure for Google that helps it know the strength of the website and its reliability, are there other sites that you recommend, and are there Another site that recommends looking at its services, all of this helps Google build trust with the website and thus raise its appearance in search engines and raise its ranking among sites


Here are some golden tips to get strong and useful backlinks for your website


How to build external links (backlink) to a website


1. Writing articles on forums or websites:

Many sites allow you to publish articles for them, these are called “guest articles”, but be sure to take a few steps before adding content:

Ensure that the site you are publishing on is the same as your website and ranks high.

Focus on the quality of the content you write and the benefit it will bring to your readers.

Keep in mind that a bad article gives a bad reputation to your brand.

Write in Facebook groups, forums, question sites such as Quora or Hassoub, and specialized sites Where discussions are held on a variety of topics


These sites are the best place to introduce your brand to others, including those who are involved in your profession


2. Take advantage of the recommendations to build external links:

Most of us use different products and tools according to their needs, what do you think about writing a recommendation for one of these services or products that you use, this could be a recommendation on a phone application or a website that provides a service or a product or anything else.


You can use this feature to build external links (backlinks) by writing a recommendation and then placing external links to your website related to that recommendation, of course with reference to your name and website, thus obtaining visits and external links (backlinks) to your site.

Make sure the recommendation is well written, stating the benefits and specifications of the product or service, and how you can benefit from them, and use a link to an appropriate article for that product that you have published on your website.


3. Collaborate with influencers:

Many popular websites on the Internet cooperate with influential people in the same field you are writing about.

For example: contact an influencer to set up a meeting with him and explain about the topic of your specialty, then publish an article about this person and you will see other sites that publish your content. You will find many people who will interact with you very quickly and they will be very happy When they share these topics on social media and popular sites, they will link them to your website.


4. Cooperation with website owners:

It is widely spread among site owners, building relationships and linking sites to benefit both parties to raise the ranking of the two sites. These sites must be the same as your specialty. You can benefit greatly in raising the site’s ranking, especially if you are a beginner.


How can you get a strong backlink for free?


Some people think that the backlink is the only way to get it, is by building it randomly on any site regardless of the quality of the site, but let me tell you about some of the ways you can get backlinks for free.


The first way to get a free backlink is to make a “Guest Post.” I certainly know that there are those who provide “Guest Post” services or host the article in a paid way, but don’t worry, I will definitely guide you to get it for free.


First, search for the best sites and platforms in your field from which you intend to obtain backlinks, then examine the content of the site to know what it is missing and select one topic, then write the topic in a coordinated and strong manner, then send an email to the site owner with a link to your article, request For him to add the article to his article list, if he accepts your request, you will have obtained a free backlink.


The second way is to write a highly specialized article in your field, which includes all the information on the topic, and therefore you will pay everyone to give you a backlink for free, as you are a strong source for them.


The third method, which is the most popular, is to enter blogs in the field of your site or the site that you manage, which enables you to write in them freely and for free, such as Quora and Riddit, two of the most famous blogs in all fields, write a strong article and publish it on the site so that people interact with you and be You have got a free backlink.


List of top 10 high-quality backlink sites (suitable for YouTube as well)













External links are one of the important factors that you must work on to raise your website’s ranking on the first pages, through which you can build relationships with other sites and get free visits.



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