Successful Applications Developed in Arab Regions

One of the most significant aspects of our modern period is technology, which is distinguished by the simplicity and unwavering speed with which all of the demands and wants of individuals are met on a daily basis. There is no denying that creators and developers in the field of modern technology constantly strive to create and discover the simplest and fastest in the world of technology and to offer everything new to save time, effort, and energy for everyone. This technological development is represented in mobile applications, which have grown to be of unprecedented importance. Therefore, we will highlight a group of useful applications that have appeared in the Arab world and made our lives easier and more convenient.


In order to function in the year 2022, we absolutely must have apps for everything. No longer do people want to carry cash, leave their homes, or lug ten bags of groceries (or clothing) up to their apartment floor.


Although several GCC nations are in the lead, certain Arab nations are still trailing in terms of digital infrastructure. You will be amazed by the extent of the culture of applications that has developed in the Gulf in recent years.


People in the GCC may now complete various tasks with a single click, from food delivery to rentals and transportation. Local apps have been so effective, they've altered how individuals go about their daily lives.


Here are a handful of the apps that have transformed the area in recent years:

  1. Talabat

The largest online food ordering and delivery service in the GCC was founded in 2004, and it is called Food Talabat. The approved proposal includes Jordan as well as all of the Gulf States (Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain).


Through the app, customers can place orders from more than 4,300 restaurant partners and have their meals delivered to any location.


2. Carriage food & grocery delivery



Another popular delivery app that has recently extended to include Egypt is Carriage. It first gained popularity in the GCC.


With an average delivery time of 25 minutes, the app's developer claims it "offers the fastest meal delivery service in the Middle East." Users of Carriage can place orders from more than 2000 unique eateries. It is important to note that this is not just applicable to food orders.


People can nearly always get products delivered right away because to carriage. When you can't choose something yourself, this app has you covered with flowers, groceries, and cosmetics.


3. Yo Neighbor (UAE)



Yo Neighbor, which debuted in the UAE in March 2017, is a "sharing" app that allows users to borrow rarely used items from one another.

Communication takes place through the app's messaging platform, but payments are made in cash rather than through the app.

Kristel Hoch, a Lebanese woman living in the United Arab Emirates, created the app. She says the idea for the app came to her after she moved to the country. "Where I come from in Lebanon, it is normal to knock on the neighbor's door and borrow something," she says. When I first moved to the UAE, my conversations with my neighbours were always formal and brief; I didn't feel comfortable borrowing anything from them because I didn't know them.


4 – Tastaheel



Tastaheel, founded by Ahmed Al-Shamrani and Ibrahim Al-Zahail, has grown in popularity among thousands of Saudi parents since its beginning.


The app allows parents to monitor and improve their children's behaviour. It focuses on instilling moral values in children and assisting them in developing financial skills through an interactive dashboard.


The app allows parents to reward their children "based on their good behaviour and motivating them to do more good deeds."


5 – Bilbayt



Bilbayt is currently available in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. It gives people everything they need for dinner and other home events.


Users can create personalised listings from a variety of vendors based on their personal preferences. To please their guests, they can order live cooking stations, massive ice cream fountains, or make your own bars. Isn't that cool?


6 - Nala


The Nala App is a leading digital health service in Saudi Arabia, offering users instant access to personalised healthcare in Arabic.


The platform's success in the Kingdom enabled it to be expanded. Last year, the app's creators raised $1 million to help fund their AI platform, which enables instant medical diagnosis.


7. DXB Switch (United Arab Emirates)


SwitchDXB is a mobile health, fitness, and wellness app that encourages users to try new physical activities.


The app caters to people with a wide range of needs and preferences, offering everything from relaxing yoga classes on the surface to energising HIIT sessions underwater. Users of the SwitchDXB app can book and pay for sessions on the fly.


8. Read to me app

One of the most well-known Arabic applications created for Arabs: Read Lee is intended to provide Arabic audio content with wonderful and distinctive techniques that make the experience of using this application a very special one. Through the application, you will be able to listen to a variety of books, news, and different novels, where you will be able to hear all these things in the voice of a group of specialised broadcasters working for the Read Lee application

And not just a collection of books and novels, but through this distinguished application, you will also be able to read and listen to articles from various Egyptian newspapers, which is a very wonderful feature that you will benefit from.

As we mentioned, this application is completely Arabic, it is designed by Arab programmers, and the application is available completely free of charge, as you will not pay any fees or costs for the process of downloading or using it, and the application is compatible with all the different android devices that are currently available, You will not face any problem because of your phone’s operating system when downloading and installing the application, and it is available on the Google Play app store so that you can download it at any time.



This application was designed by the famous MBC group, where MBC provided through this application a large group of movies, series and programs that are shown on all MBC channels so that any Arab user can watch them at any time through this application, and it is indeed a successful application being one of the most important Arabic applications currently available, it provides the service of watching movies and series on demand, which is a distinctive service in the Arab regions.

This application is the first of its kind in the field of allowing watching movies and series, where you will be able to watch any movie, series or program you want at any time without being bound by specific dates that force you to wait for what you want to watch as with any channel, so you will enjoy a lot with this application It is free and available at any time where any Arab user can download it on his/her phone and install it easily from the Google Play app store.

And if you want, through the application, to watch modern Arabic films without any annoying ad breaks that last for long periods, you can subscribe to a paid service from the application under the name SHAHID PLUS, where it will provide you with all new films, the latest Arabic series and distinctive programs at any time and with very great services and it is available also on the Google Play App Store at any time.


10. Rwaq



Rawaq is one of the largest Arab platforms for open education that allows all Arab students to learn through the Internet and from home. This platform offers a very wonderful application through which you can study many of the available courses on it, and you will also be able to obtain any academic materials through this application. This is done through distinguished services and great capabilities that greatly facilitate the online learning experience through the Internet.

This application does not require much experience in how to deal with it, on the contrary, it is an easy and simple application and has been designed wonderfully to suit the hand of users, as all you have to do is download the application, which you will find available on the Google Play Store completely free of charge without paying any fees or costs, so that you can then install the application on your phone and register with it with ease, and you will get your own account on the platform through which you can roam among all the different courses or lectures offered by the application.

Through the Rawaq application, you will be able to take lectures by lecturers at the highest level, as they are among the elites who have great experience in dealing with students through the Internet, as learning through this platform will not be just listening to lectures, but you will be able to discuss other students and communicate with lecturers easily, you will also be able to enroll and reserve a place in the courses that will start later to receive an alert and notification when the course begins.


These are some of the applications that we have researched and investigated, some of which we have already been using for a long time, and in the end you can try these applications for yourself and make sure of their benefits and tell us your user experience.

If you have an idea for a mobile application that will attract more users in the Arab world, now is the right time to seize the opportunity and contact us now.