Games apps



Game applications are games that are designed to work on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. Phone games are one of the largest areas of profit from the Internet, and we see this from the profits of game applications and the number of workers in the field. Game applications are not limited to smartphones, but are also considered since the beginning of the Snake game on Nokia phones and even games on PDAs, laptops and even 3D games.


Game apps features


        The possibility of gaining high profits from gaming applications.

        Some types of phone games are very useful in education and expanding users awareness’.

        Enhancing the capabilities and skills of encouragement among users.

        Ease of obtaining the game and there are no requirements except for the phone.

        Lots of free games and you can choose from millions of games.



Create gaming apps


You should know that there are many ways to create mobile games and each target platform has different requirements:


• Create Android game applications


Creating Android smartphone games has requirements that must be mastered in order to be able to make a good and strong game and be able to compete with it.


• Create IOS game applications


As for the creation of IOS game applications, it certainly has its own requirements, and although the market space for the Android operating system is larger, 25% of iPhone application developers receive more than 5000 dollars per month.



Ways to earn from gaming applications


Certainly, the main goal of creating mobile games is to make profits from the game. This is not difficult at all, as long as the game is well perceived by the audience, and this is the most important thing in making profits from mobile games.


Types of game applications in stores


Day after day, games applications are increasing in excitement and enjoyment, and this is evident from the profits of game applications which amounts to billions of dollars, and therefore these games are really worthy due to the quality of the game design and its capabilities in achieving fun and entertainment for users. Games are divided into many types:


1.    Multiplayer games apps

This interesting type of game app is Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO).

Playing is done through the participation of many players, whether through a local network or through the possibility of playing online with other players from all over the world.

This type of game application achieves very strong successes and profits.

However, this type of software requires thousands of hours of programming in order to provide users with the best user experience



2.    Adventure games apps

Mostly, this type of game application requires individual players, but they enjoy adventure and suspense, and often these games are in the world of fantasy or realism with the performance of many tasks.  Progress is achieved in the game through knowing how to complete the tasks correctly.


3.    Fighting games apps

These games are one-on-one combat and can also be over a local network or over the Internet with the possibility of fighting against another player from anywhere in the world. Mastering these games depends on mastering the control buttons to use all possible combat moves.


4. Simulation games apps

Through these games, children's skills can be greatly developed, as the quality of these games is very high. It simulates reality to a large extent, and this type of games includes many things such as driving simulations using cars, planes, ships and tanks. Also, some educational game types include job simulations such as doctor or tailor and so on. In fact, simulators are also relied upon, such as pilot education and flight simulators. Therefore, this quality is preferred for developing skills and capabilities.


5.    Puzzle games apps

These games are also of individual genres and do not require users to take any action other than to think of ways to solve the existing puzzles. Inclined to this type are gamers who like to think and find solutions. These games have many levels, starting with beginners and at the beginning of the game where it is easy to solve a lot of data for quick solutions. As for the professional level, it is the most complex with few data and difficulty in solving puzzles. This type of games is very useful for developing skills and ways of thinking in children and adults and how to solve difficult problems.


6.    Strategy phone games

This special type of game is Real-Time Strategy (RTS).

It requires you to prepare the items, prepare the inventory and this type of game is represented in many successful game applications. Gamers need to prepare armies and provide the necessary needs for building an army or preparing a team to complete a specific process. This type of games develops users’ abilities in planning and preparation and obtains users’ satisfaction if they are really strong and provide a distinctive performance experience.


7.    Shooter mobile games

This type of game application tends to work as espionage or war games and perform missions and depends mainly on the player's response speed. The camera is the player's eye and he is the controller.


8.    Sports games apps

These are one of the most enjoyable types of games through various sports practices, whether related to car racing or football, these games mostly depend on important sporting events or specifically certain characters with clear skills such as football games.


9.    Educational games applications

This type is the most important for parents, as these game applications can communicate new information and skills to children in entertaining and enjoyable ways outside the framework of memorization and study, but through playing, he can simply receive information.



The best phone games on game stores

Game applications are good to make profits from the Internet and are almost the most profitable and are worth the competition, so you have to master the steps necessary to create mobile games that satisfy users to achieve more profits.


Mobile game installs for the first time during the third quarter of 2020, according to app analytics site SensorTower, rose nearly 28 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter to reach 14.2 billion across the App Store and Google Play globally.


The majority of installs came from Google Play, which grew 36.8 percent from 8.7 billion in the third quarter of 2019 to 11.9 billion. Conversely, the App Store saw a slight decline in game installs year-over-year, declining by 4.2 percent. percent from 2.4 billion in the previous year to 2.3 billion in the third quarter of 2020, and this number reflects a decline in mobile game installs from the Chinese app store.


Voodoo's Scribble Rider and Outfit7 Limited's My Talking Tom Friends both launched earlier this year and were in second and third place respectively, and Sybo Games' Subway Surfer finished in fourth, completing the top five as installs grew By 29% compared to last year, Garena's Garena Free Fire is in fifth place with installs down 5% compared to last year.


List of the most downloaded games around the world in general:

- Among Us.

- Scribble Rider.

- Talking Tom Friends.

- Subway Surfers.

- Garena Free Fire.

- Cube Surfer.

- Stack Colors.

- Tie Dye.

- Ludo King

- PUBG Mobile.


Most Downloaded iOS Games List:

- Among Us.

- Cube Surfer.

- Scribble Rider.

- Subway Surfers.

- PUBG Mobile.

- Tie Dye.

- Tangle Master 3D.


- Roblox.

- Magic Titles 3.


List of most downloaded Android games:

- Among Us.

- Talking Tom Friends.

- Garena Free Fire.

- Scribble Rider.

- Subway Surfers.

- Stack Colors.

- Ludo King

- Cube Surfer.

- Tiles Hop

- Tie Dye.


Benefits of game apps



1.    Helping children learn

Some video games help children learn, especially children in the preparatory age to go to school. Games are an entertaining way to build the basics for the child, especially games with educational content, which may help children learn letters and numbers, and introduce them to different vocabulary and words. It may also develop their decision-making skills.


2.    Improving mental skills and abilities

There are some electronic games that improve mental abilities, increase intellectual skills and creativity, by stimulating thinking, such as: puzzle games, or games that present a problem or an event, and require logical connections, and linking different events to each other to reach a conclusion. the solution.


3.    Improving the ability to make decisions

Some electronic games require the skill of quick action, which leads to the development of hand-eye coordination, in response to visual stimuli on the screen, and having to act quickly accordingly, which leads to improving the capabilities of making decisions quickly and smoothly, under pressure.


4.    Improving visual abilities

Many electronic games help improve the visual abilities of children and adults, by improving the ability to track a group of moving objects, despite the presence of other similar moving objects in the visual field.


About Jawaker



Jawaker was founded in 2009, as the idea for the application came from a group of young Jordanians, who decided to create an application that brings together most of the card games known in the Arab world in one place. Indeed, Jawaker has developed into a platform that brings together millions of card players in the Arab world and North Africa.

Jawaker is the only app that includes more than 30 card and table games that are divided as follows:

Hand, Tarneeb, Trix of all kinds, 400, Tang, Konkan and Dominoes, and these games are known in the Levant in particular (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq).


As for the Arab Gulf games, there is the Baloot game, Saudi Hand, Saudi Deal, Cote Po 4, Cote Po 6 and Bint Al Sbeit. And certainly we have not forgotten the countries of North Africa, and the famous games there such as Estimation and Ronda. And many other games.


Features of playing Jawaker:

• Play with the most skilled card players around the world around the clock.

• Voice chat feature during gameplay.

• Create a private game and invite your friends to play.

• Possibility to attach your profile picture from Facebook.

• A full technical support team is ready to help around the clock.

• Radio feature that enables players to listen to their favorite songs while playing.



Acquisition of Jawaker.. a new Jordanian success story


The announcement of the Swedish group "Steelfront" - which specializes in the electronic games sector - to acquire the company "Jawaker FZ LLC" (Jawaker), which was founded by two Jordanian entrepreneurs, represents a new page in the record of the achievements of the pioneering Jordanian youth.


The acquisition, which was made for a total amount of $205 million on a cash and debt-free basis, reflects the capabilities of Jordanian entrepreneurs in establishing companies capable of attracting global investors.

In this report, we will highlight the establishment and acquisition of Jawaker, as a Jordanian success story.


Omar Youssef Chamoun was not more than 30 years old when he and his partner Mohammed Hajj Hassan (28 years old) founded Jawaker in 2009, the application that brings together most of the card games recognized in the Arab world in one place.


The two young men brought their experiences with Akhtaboot Recruitment, which they founded in 2006, along with their academic backgrounds towards Jawaker, to write an inspiring success story for Jordanian entrepreneurs.


Shamoun holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from McGill University/Montreal in Canada in 2002, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Finance from Georgetown University in the United States, while Hajj Hassan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Microeconomics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, and a Master’s in Business Administration Likewise, he graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Education.


The success of Jawaker, which is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, has been unparalleled, and it has become a card games platform that brings together millions of card players in the Arab world and North Africa.


The Jawaker application is distinguished by being the only one that includes more than 30 card and table games known in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, which are: Hand, Tarneeb, Trix of all kinds, 400, Tang, Konkan and Dominoes, in addition to the card games known in the Arab Gulf, namely Baloot, Hand Saudi Deal, Saudi Deal, Cote Po 4, Cote Po 6 and Bint Al Sbeit, in addition to well-known games in North African countries, such as Estimation and Ronda, and many other games.


The platform offers its pioneers the advantages of team play with the most skilled card players around the world around the clock, and the feature of voice chatting while playing, with a full technical support team ready to help around the clock.


These advantages, and others, prompted the users of the platform to rate it with 4.7 out of 5 on the “App Store” app store for the “iOS” smart phone operating system, and 4.5 out of 5 on the “Google” app store, which is dedicated to the “Android” operating system.

In 2011, twofour54 invested in Jawaker, which today employs 50 employees.


The Swedish group "Steelfront", which specializes in the electronic games sector, monitored the successes achieved by Jawaker, and placed the latter on the monitoring radar to increase its revenues, with a deal worth $205 million, 74% of which is paid in cash, while the remaining payment is due as shares amounting to 8.540092 million shares. Dedicated to Jawaker owners in the Swedish parent company.


SteelFront was founded by Jürgen Larsson in 2010, with a vision to create a diverse portfolio of games by acquiring successful companies, to be added to their own game studio. The Swedish company went on with acquisitions and expansion, until it reached Jawaker, the mobile game studio.


The number of daily users of the Jawaker application reached 1.2 million users as of July 2021, and the number of monthly users reached 3.8 million users in the same month.


SteelFront estimated Jawaker's net revenue of 132 million Swedish kronor (about $15 million) in the second quarter of this year, and an average earnings before interest and taxes of 82 million Swedish kronor (about $9 million) in the second quarter of this year as well.


The Swedish company hopes that the acquisition will contribute between 270-310 million kroner (31-36 million dollars) in net revenues, and between 180-210 million kronor (20-22 million dollars) in earnings before interest and taxes in 2021. Had Jawaker's business been included in the Steel Front consolidated list for the year 2021.


So, Jawaker's story, which culminated in its acquisition by a global investor, Steelfront, is sure to inspire young Jordanian entrepreneurs to achieve similar achievements. It is expected that major companies will intensify their efforts in the dying out of entrepreneurship and innovation and provide Jordanian youngsters with the appropriate environment to achieve innovation.